Do you like Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall?


21st July 2017 - Friday 19:00

Dan TDM, England’s sensational YouTube personality is bringing his signature show to the Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall!

Daniel Middleton was born in Aldershot (England) in 1991 and is a YouTube personality and professional gamer who goes by the alias The Diamond Minecart or DanTDM. His first YouTube channel was dedicated to Pokemon and in 2012 he created The Diamond Minecart, a gaming channel whose audience includes mostly children between the ages of 5 and 10. 5 years later, the channel has over 9.1 billion views and 14 million subscribers, and is listed among the top YouTube channels in the United Kingdom. Dan said in an interview, “Everyone knows what YouTube is, but the idea that you can make videos for your own YouTube channel as a job still surprises people. I am like a children’s entertainer, creating and presenting a sort of kids’ TV online… I get recognised now, which is really surreal. But I love meeting the people who allow me to do this as a job.” The show takes families on a journey through the digital world as Dan, his online and real life friends and maybe even a few audience members try and save the day, solving puzzles and playing games as they go. See Dan live in action with his pugs, Dr Trayaurus, Craig the Mailman and lots of other well-loved friends, for an amazing Diamond Minecart adventure!

Don’t miss your chance to see the artist who has one of the most popular YouTube channels!